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In abundance of caution due to COVID-19, we are offering virtual physical therapy sessions. Call 312-351-4600 for questions. 


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Mckenzie treatments

If you have shooting pains, numbness, and/or weakness  in your arm or leg, we can evaluate you mechanically and come to a conclusion on how to reduce and abolish your radiating symptoms from your neck or low back.

Orthopaedic and Sports recovery

Do you have a pinch in your shoulder when you throw a ball or an ache in the knee while jogging on Lakeshore? We can diagnose the mechanical dysfunction and give you corrective exercises to get you back to your sport symptom free.

Pelvic floor therapy

Do you have pain with sex or urinary/ bowel dysfunction? Request Megan Reyes, DPT to help guide you through improving your pelvic health. 

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR)

Rehab faster post-op ACL or rotator cuff surgery with BFR therapy.  A pneumatic surgical tourniquet -- similar to a blood pressure cuff -- is applied to the injured limb to partially restrict blood flow while the patient engages in strength training. Unlike traditional strength training methods that require high loads to make appreciable gains, this form of training is performed at very low resistance.   

Our Team


Renato Hess, MS PT, OCS

Renato Hess, MS PT, OCS

Renato Hess, MS PT, OCS

 Kinetix founder and lead therapist Renato Hess earned a Master of Science degree with an emphasis on Physical Therapy in 2001. He is an Orthopaedic Certified Specialist by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.   He has over 20 years experience treating mechanical dysfunctions such as disc herniations,  sciatica, shoulder dysfunction, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and chronic symptoms. He researched the McKenzie Method (mechanical diagnosing) and was clinically trained in its techniques as a student.  He is currently working towards his MDT certification.

Renato is involved year round with CMSA sports in Chicago for indoor & outdoor volleyball, soccer, and softball.   He enjoys snowboarding in the winter.   He loves cooking, traveling, and learning other languages.


Michael Kane, PTA

Renato Hess, MS PT, OCS

Renato Hess, MS PT, OCS


Southern Illinois University- Carbondale, Associate of Applied Science, Physical Therapist Assistant, 2017 

Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars (MAPS)

The McKenzie Institute: Part A &B MDT 

“As a former high school and collegiate athlete who was in and out of physical therapy with various injuries, I am no stranger to the profession. I focus on therapeutic interventions that are best suited to place my patient in an empowered state through the rehabilitation process. Active listening, maintaining open conversations and patient education are only a few of the many tools in my clinician “tool-box” that allow me to provide the best skilled therapy services while keeping my patients best interests in mind. Outside of physical therapy, I enjoy taking care of my mental and physical well-being through strength and conditioning, regular sauna use, cooking and spending time with my fiancé.


Megan Reyes, DPT

Renato Hess, MS PT, OCS

Megan Reyes, DPT

Megan graduated from the New York Institute of Technology in 2016 with her doctorate in Physical Therapy. She enjoys treating pelvic floor and general orthopedic issues. She has taken further continuing education via Herman and Wallace, Maitland, and Movement System Impairments. She enjoys eating at new restaurants, yoga and running, photography and spending time with her friends and family. 

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Only telehealth services offered due to COVID-19.  In-network with BCBS PPO/ Blue Choice.  Unfortunately, Medicare at this this moment on 4/29/20 does not reimburse for telehealth.  We can provide superbills for out-of-network insurances. We do not take worker's compensation, personal injury cases, or auto insurance. 


1419 W Arthur Ave 3F Chicago, IL 60626

Ph: 312-351-4600 Fax: 312-284-8866 (on-line HIPAA compliant) Email:

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Marcelo A (Google 2020): I injured my left calf playing volleyball few weekends ago and didn't have any idea on how to treat, what to do and not to do and how long it would take until I could go back to the court. I knew Renato but don't live close enough to see him at the clinic, that's when he suggested Telehealth.  Renato sent me the weekly exercises, I followed them daily and 3 weeks later I was playing again, with caution but back on the court. Renato is very knowledgeable and made himself available via email, text and video. I am feeling 100% recovered now and recommend his telehealth services if you cannot see him at his practice.

Marc G (Google 2017): I have been suffering from lower back disk issues for quite sometime.  When I received chiropractic care, it only seemed to address part of the issue.  I then turned to PT.  I first went to a chain PT here in the city but felt like I was more of a number than a patient.  The therapist often worked on multiple people at one time.  My doctor then recommend Renato at Balance Health and Wellness.  From the very moment I walked in Renato was attentive and focused on my needs.  He immediately did an assessment of my injury and began to plan out my rehab plan.  Week after week he challenged me with focused exercises and gave me insight as to how to keep my rehab going outside of his office walls.  He even fought with my insurance company to get me more sessions because he felt I could use the extra help to aide in my recovery.   The facilities of Balance Health and Wellness are top notch and offer a wide variety of other health related services.  If my back should have issues in the future and I am in need of PT services again, I will not hesitate to call Renato and schedule an appointment.

Tony L (FB 1-26-2017): Excellent PT. Renato is encouraging and pushes the right amount. Spends a good amount of time evaluating the issue and finding the right exercises to help.

Patrick P (Yelp 8-20-2016): I went to Kinetix for hand and arm pain from working a desk job. Renato was super kind and helpful, and gave me exercises to do at work and home that have eased the pain and ache I get everyday from clickety-clacking at the computer all day. I highly recommend Renato for your PT needs. He spends an entire hour with you — just you. It’s not like one of those PT places where you see 6 people working with 1 PT at the same time. This is individual, one-on-one attention, and it is so refreshing.
Highly recommend!

Gay J. (Yelp 9-28-2014): Renato gets results.  He has helped me recover from a torn meniscus and relieved intense lower back pain.  He also helped my husband to reach new capability levels when his post-stroke recovery had stalled.  I cannot praise him enough.  Not only is is he beyond talented, but, with Renato, you get the full time scheduled with treatment, & in a private therapy room.  It’s a world of difference from a hospital or therapy center experience.

Troy Karnoff (LinkedIn 12-12-11):  Renato has one of the most delightful personalities you can ever wish to work with. Aside from being and overall Grade A person, he is exact, focused when it comes to his physical therapy.  He’s genuine and “I’ll get you better no matter what” attitude makes him an absolute star.

Mick L. (Yelp 11-7-11): Renato is fantastic. He is incredibly knowledgable and compassionate. His advice and treatment were accurate and as long a I did the exercises, I improved.(can’t blame Renato when I was slacking!) His rate is exceptionally reasonable the office has a spa- like feel. I refer him enthusiastically whenever I know someone who could benefit from PT.

Tom A. (Yelp 11-7-11): Renato is a really great physical therapist. He helped me get back into playing sports quickly after my ACL surgery. He is knowledgeable and makes sure that your needs are first and is always accomodating if there are any special circumstances.

Jason K. (Yelp 7-21-10): I used Kinetix after tearing my ACL playing flag football. This was my third time to have to use physical therapy for an injury, and this was by far the best experience. Renato is a great therapist that has the experience of working under large physical therapy chains, but at Kinetix he has the opportunity to provide a much more personalized experience. Renato provided me with challenging exercises and great recovery schedule. My rehabilitation was actually far ahead of my scheduled recovery time. Renato was also extremely accommodating with my work schedule. Thumbs up for Kinetix.

Nathan A. (Yelp 5-27-10): After injuring my leg running a marathon last fall I visited Renato at Kenetix.  His patience even with my impatience wanting to get back to running was welcomed.  Weekly, I visited Renato, he always had new and exciting exercises to try.  After the session, he sent me visuals to keep me on task.  He asked thorough questions and gave me several stretches and routines to work on between sessions.

His knowledge of many sports injuries was generous.  Within months I was back to running.  I’m happy to say this year my leg feels like I never had the injury.  Thanks Renato!

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