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Tony L (FB 1-26-2017): Excellent PT. Renato is encouraging and pushes the right amount. Spends a good amount of time evaluating the issue and finding the right exercises to help.

Mar R (FB 9-15-2016): I tore ligament in my foot, and I have been horrible pain for months on daily basis. Surgery is too extreme & this is the next best step. I won’t kid you, I felt the pain, but it actually did not feel half as bad as I expected the next day, it actually felt a little more relaxed then it had been. I’m hopeful.

Patrick P (Yelp 8-20-2016): I went to Kinetix for hand and arm pain from working a desk job. Renato was super kind and helpful, and gave me exercises to do at work and home that have eased the pain and ache I get everyday from clickety-clacking at the computer all day. I highly recommend Renato for your PT needs. He spends an entire hour with you — just you. It’s not like one of those PT places where you see 6 people working with 1 PT at the same time. This is individual, one-on-one attention, and it is so refreshing.
Highly recommend!

Gay J. (Yelp 9-28-2014): Renato gets results.  He has helped me recover from a torn meniscus and relieved intense lower back pain.  He also helped my husband to reach new capability levels when his post-stroke recovery had stalled.  I cannot praise him enough.  Not only is is he beyond talented, but, with Renato, you get the full time scheduled with treatment, & in a private therapy room.  It’s a world of difference from a hospital or therapy center experience.

Denise K. (Yelp 7-12-12):  Renato is outstanding! the combination of his expertise, his experience, and his sincere desire to provide the best services makes him a excellent choice! Renato has assisted me with post surgery rehabilitation after rupturing my achilles tendon, as well as assisting me with pain remedies and a recovery plan for a recent hamstring injury. His caring demeanor puts you at ease, and his private office is located within a beautiful facility where he has access to all the equipment as well as providing ultrasound technology and effective massage techniques. his exercise suggestions are on point, and he will immediately email you diagrams and instructions so you can be sure you are doing them correctly at home! i highly recommend Kinetix Physical Therapy!

Emily W. (Yelp 7-6-12): I visited Renato after a pretty bad ankle sprain playing soccer.  He is extremely knowledgable and helpful in his methods and has really helped me by pointing out weak spots in my ankle recovery that I didn’t know existed.  He has pointed out ways I’m compensating for my weaker ankle, and now I know what to focus on in my strengthening exercises instead of blindly thinking I’m doing okay.  He always follows up to appointments with an email of the exercises I should be doing which is awesome because I am constantly forgetting what he showed me!  He packs a lot into a session and you really feel like you come away with a variety of therapies to do (this is great if you get bored easily).  His facility is really top-notch, clean and with lots of strengthening and balance equipment, and I really appreciated that he did an extremely thorough test on my ankle before recommending I play soccer again.  I recommend him extremely highly!

Allen P. (Yelp 4-10-12): Renato is awesome. He started his own business called Kinetix over a year ago now. Way better than his old employer B/C his office is now in a swanky location where I get free specialty teas and a nicer facility as a whole.
Not that any of this really matters. What counts is the fact that Renato knows his stuff and helps me manage my sports injuries so I can continue intense workouts the way I like.
After double herniated disks in my neck a few years ago my brother found Renato on the internet for me. Renato has specialty training in the physical therapy method recommended by the sports medicine doctor.
Before finding Renato the pain got 80% better with time, but I could not work out without substantial pain and was contstantly afraid of re injury. Over a year after the initial injury I got proactive, started PT w/ Renato, and my work with him made a huge positive impact within six weeks. To this day I regularly do the exercises he recommends to keep my neck strong and healthy.
I’m 42 but still work out like I was 22. This can lead to some tweaks. In addition to the serious neck issue, Renato has helped me with less severe shoulder and ankle problems.
If you need a good physial therapist Renato is the guy.

Troy Karnoff (LinkedIn 12-12-11):  Renato has one of the most delightful personalities you can ever wish to work with. Aside from being and overall Grade A person, he is exact, focused when it comes to his physical therapy.  He’s genuine and “I’ll get you better no matter what” attitude makes him an absolute star.

Camille M. (Yelp 12-7-11): My primary physician sent me to Renato because I needed therapy in multiple body parts (chronic SI joint / hip, knee & ankle sprain). She knew since Renato works one-on-one with his patients, he would be able to devout attention to all 3 at one time. Due to my chronic pain plus active lifestyle, I have seen at least 5-6 therapists over the past ten years. Renato is the BEST BEST BEST by far. At 3x per week, he got my knee & ankle fixed in short order. I continued to see Renato 2x a week for over a year for my hip & back pain – with this issue he was a true miracle worker!! My 9.5 years of chronic pain are GONE thanks to the intensive regiment of core strengthening he put me through. There have been weeks were just walking & stairs were extremely painful. The only goal I hoped for at the start of our therapy work was keeping up with my kids. Every session he was extremely prepared, very creative in my exercises, and continued to progress the difficulty of my sessions as I improved. No other therapist I’ve had has ever been so thorough with such long-lasting effects. I can now do daily elliptical & zumba at the gym – which was unheard of before Renato!

Unfortunately I had to move out-of-state & can no longer see him. A few months ago I am back in physical therapy after a motorcycle accident (I guess I’m a physical therapy junkie). My new therapist is good but she treats me at the same time as other clients. That is typical, but after Renato’s one-on-one care I was spoiled. Because I have another ankle injury, I have been assigned similar exercises that I once did with Renato, except the core strengthening part was so easy. Due to the level of fitness I achieved with Renato’s help, I had to up amp the intensity for my sessions. I totally 100% recommend Kinetix Physical Therapy!

Mick L. (Yelp 11-7-11): Renato is fantastic. He is incredibly knowledgable and compassionate. His advice and treatment were accurate and as long a I did the exercises, I improved.(can’t blame Renato when I was slacking!) His rate is exceptionally reasonable the office has a spa- like feel. I refer him enthusiastically whenever I know someone who could benefit from PT.

Tom A. (Yelp 11-7-11): Renato is a really great physical therapist. He helped me get back into playing sports quickly after my ACL surgery. He is knowledgeable and makes sure that your needs are first and is always accomodating if there are any special circumstances.

Jason K. (Yelp 7-21-10): I used Kinetix after tearing my ACL playing flag football. This was my third time to have to use physical therapy for an injury, and this was by far the best experience. Renato is a great therapist that has the experience of working under large physical therapy chains, but at Kinetix he has the opportunity to provide a much more personalized experience. Renato provided me with challenging exercises and great recovery schedule. My rehabilitation was actually far ahead of my scheduled recovery time. Renato was also extremely accommodating with my work schedule. Thumbs up for Kinetix.

Pat T. (Yelp 5-27-10): I am 74 years old and in February 2010 I had a FIRST stroke resulting in loss of function in my left hand and weakened left side and in addition  I had pre-stroke pain in right hip causing limp and difficulty in sleeping. A physician referral was made specifically to Renato Hess, MS PT.
His initial assessment measured not only the losses associated with the stroke but limited flexibilty and poor balance making me a risk for falls. This May week I finished my treatment plan.  As measured against my initial assessment, I have full function back in left hand and left side of body and no pain in right side or difficulty in sleeping. I have measurable improved flexibilty,  balance and endurance. I have daily “doable” exercise program and a cardio program that I can maintain. I credit the personalized approach of Renato Hess for this outcome. Prior to this experience with Renato Hess, I had no regular exercise in my daily living. The “surprise” stroke shook my  “life foundation.” I needed to make changes. Renato helped me accomplish a needed life style change by tailoring the program to me, slowly and progressive. One at time with pictures to remind me. Renato was encourageing never scolding when I started slow in doing my “home work.” I know Renato wanted me to be successful in my goals. When I discussed with Reanto my intent to make this “real” change he assisted me in finding additional support resources .I  am now “on my own” I have daily 45-60 min. exercise progam that I do four days a week, faithfully completing my fifth week, From a referral of Renato, I have completed an 8-week fundamentals of fitness workshop and last week joined a community center for access to walking track, cardio machines and pool. I was clearly motivated and Renato provided the personalized program and support.

Nathan A. (Yelp 5-27-10): After injuring my leg running a marathon last fall I visited Renato at Kenetix.  His patience even with my impatience wanting to get back to running was welcomed.  Weekly, I visited Renato, he always had new and exciting exercises to try.  After the session, he sent me visuals to keep me on task.  He asked thorough questions and gave me several stretches and routines to work on between sessions.

His knowledge of many sports injuries was generous.  Within months I was back to running.  I’m happy to say this year my leg feels like I never had the injury.  Thanks Renato!